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Over 200,000 Keywords Are Monitored In Hunter Daily

  • Automatically Find New Keywords
  • Track Traffic, Link and Conversions
  • Day By Day Ranking Monitoring

Everything You Need To Measure Every Aspect Of Your SEO Sites

  • Cloud Based

    No extra tools are required. Simply login and get tracking

  • Full Website Data

    Hunter is the only keyword tracker that also tracks your traffic, links and conversions

  • Keyword Prediction

    Hunter finds the keywords you are already ranking for and automatically tracks them WHILE finding you new keywords

  • GEO Location Tracking (Works in Any Country)

    Hunter tracks searches in any country and any local area

  • Full Reporting and Notifications

    Hunter can spit out neat-o-riffic reports on command and notify you of any ranking changes through custom settings you control

The first tracker that also Increases rankings

One of the easiest ways to to increase your traffic is by finding hidden keywords you are already ranking for. If you find these and make a few changes to your site you can almost instantly increase your traffic by up to 30% almost overnight.

First tracker that increases rankings

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Watch Us Find New Keywords And Track Every Aspect Of Our Site In Seconds

I am happy to say that as of a few months ago I abandoned all my other rank tracking subscriptions. One of the main things I like about Hunter is that the user interface is so easy to understand and to navigate.

- Stephen Floyd

No Secret Squirrel Level Skills Needed

The most simple tracker in the known universe

Start Tracking In Seconds

With just a few clicks you can be tracking hundreds of keywords instantly

No Thought Needed Interface

Seriously... A dog could use Source Hunter. He would need a bit of training, but it really is that easy

Tool Integration

Hunter integrates with Semrush and Ahrefs to bring you the most reliable ranking data online

Details Without The Noise

Get link, search volumes, local volumes and every single piece of data your nerdy heart desires in a clean easy to understand interface

Yes, I would like to save thousands on domains, outsource hundreds of hours of work and put finding powerful link sources on autopilot...

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